SBA 504 Loan 利率



25-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

25-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

20-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

Estimated 20-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

Estimated 10-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

Estimated 10-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

Official monthly SBA 504 effective interest rate tables can be found at 鹰 合规管理有限责任公司. 25- and 20-year term loans fund every month; 10-year term loans fund every other month. Effective interest rates are inclusive of servicing fees, which are subject to credit risk of the applicant.

SBA 504十大正规赌平台平台计划 for Economic Developers

Our Mission is to Help Strengthen Local Economies One Small Business At a Time.

Economic development is a cornerstone of 佛罗里达 First Capital/First Capital Finance. Our mission is to strengthen economic development efforts by providing available and affordable financial assistance to small businesses in conjunction with the SBA and private sector lenders.

All of our projects contain an economic development component, and in general projects must create or retain jobs based on SBA funding criteria. The 504 十大正规赌平台平台 offered through 佛罗里达 First Capital/First Capital Finance is used effectively by economic developers because it helps fund projects that are not eligible for traditional economic development financing.

Advantages of Promoting the 504 十大正规赌平台平台

  • Economic developers can help borrowers obtain below-market, true fixed rate financing (no ARMs) with low down payments. And, unlike conventional loans, 504 transactions include verifiable job creation and economic impact data, which is provided to economic developers.
  • 504 loans can be used in a wide variety of projects, 包括商业, 特许经营, 卫生保健, 热情好客, 制造业, 零售, 服务及更多.
  • Green initiative projects are also eligible under the program (reduced energy consumption and renewable energy or fuels).
  • Many deals that cannot be financed conventionally or through industrial revenue bonds can be financed through the 504 十大正规赌平台平台. In fact, the 504 program is attractive to all projects due to its below-market fixed rates and low down payment requirements.
  • The owner can operate in 51% of an existing building and lease the other 49%, creating an income stream to strengthen cash flow.
  • Banks are willing participants because they can fund as little as 50% of the project and still remain in a first-lien position. 佛罗里达 First Capital/First Capital Finance/SBA funds 40% of the project (up to $5.5 million) and takes a second-lien position and the borrower puts down just 10% in most cases. There is no limit on overall project size.

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